Making Money or Losing Money with Shopify?

Is today the best time to join the bandwagon, start your own online business, and earn money on the side?

With all the hype about internet marketing and its possibilities, why not, right? I mean, I am already paying for my internet at home. I also pay data since I am using internet on my cell phone, so why not take advantage of the technology?

But, I am not really business-oriented or do I have marketing know-how. I am not also very technical; I am just an ordinary internet user, who wants to join those people who are boasting how they are earning a lot online. (Some do, for real!)

But, I do know the following using common sense.


If I get a product worth $50.00 I can sell it for $60.00 (more or less) and get $10.00 profit (less tax and shipping costs, unless I make my customers pay for it). 


With Shopify, it’s like renting space.  I will have to pay them fees monthly. 


I know at the end of the year, if my profit (or is it my total revenue) goes to more than $600.00 I will have to report on my taxes with the state I am in.


I know I can’t just have the products to sell at my online store and not tell people about it. Now, this is the one that gets messy but this is where all the excitement is! 

Marketing online means I’ll be sharing my products to people I know, and ask them to check my store out and buy some, or to reach more people I’d be buying advertisements either from Facebook or Google. 

Now, I pay Facebook or Google every time people see my ads, it meant, they have been reached. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean they went inside my store because they didn’t click on the link, they just saw my ad. 

Some of those people who have been reached by Facebook or Google would see my ad and would be interested enough to check out my store. That’s a happy face. 

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy my items. But, some will and that’s a grinning happy face!

The question is with three weeks in am I making money or losing money with Shopify?

Let’s look at my data.

Here are my visitors. 

I love people checking out my store. I have really set up my store to be very positive and inspiring. 

Sometimes, I just find myself looking at the items and feeling happy because of it. Yeah, I’m weird like that. But I just find positive energy looking at the items! Lol.

But are they buying? 

Here are my sales these three weeks.

Is that good? Mmmm… it can get better, right? 

I’ve never realized until I opened my online store how just like any brick and mortar retail business, setting up an online business also takes a lot of commitment, discipline, and creativity.

It’s a different arena entrepreneurship is, but I’m happy to have entered it!

Friends, you have 4 options too! 

1. If you want to open your store too and join me and lots of other entrepreneurs,  here’s the link to SHOPIFY, it will give you 14 days free trial.

2. To help you decide if an online store is something that will change your life forever, here is a checklist in opening an online store free to download anytime!

Download "Checklist in Opening An Online Store" for FREE

3. If you want to check out Gem's Daily Store, a store full of positive and inspirational gifts, click here. (US customers only, sorry, still a newbie!)

4. If you want to share my story to someone else, please feel free to share my blog anytime!

Life is short, so better make a choice now! 
Just kidding. 
Enjoy life everyone!

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