7 Reasons Why You Must Think Again Before You Open A Shopify Store

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I just launched my store called Gem’s Daily Store. It was done out of the blue and out of impulsive actions. Maybe, I miss my home country so much. I miss all the sari-sari (mini) stores here and there, in every corner, in the Philippines. So, I opened one!

It is fun! I get to find suppliers who will provide the products for me. I don’t even need to have a warehouse full of items. Instead, the suppliers will ship the products to my customers! I get to have control over how much margin or profit I want per item based on what’s fair and reasonable.

Isn’t that neat? Just like any ordinary sari-sari store!

But I want you to think again before you open an online store like Shopify.

Think Again Before Opening Your Online Store

Here are the reasons why.


Shopify offers 14-day trial if you choose to start your e-commerce website to sell your goods online. Their company is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

Shopify is actually the best e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person! 

There are other competitors but from my experience, I was able to put it up and running in two nights. Yes, I work full time, but because I liked what I saw, I spent my evenings to work on it.

But be warned after 14 days, you will be charged a fee (yes, it’s like renting a place to house your goods), I chose the lowest fee, $29.00 per month for Gem’s Daily Store. You can also choose their other packages.


When I created an account with Shopify, I was ready for the challenge, I loved it when I have to manipulate the technicalities of the system and found out how user-friendly it is! As in!

But, I have to think of a business name and what I have to sell. Alright, this is the hard part. You must have a plan on what you want to sell. A market research according to my friend, Shalom.

Oh, I don't have any marketing or business education, but I kind-of love taking risks!

Since Gem’s Daily Store was done because I wanted to do something new, I didn’t know I have to target a niche. 

Alright, a niche market is where you sell something that is mainly focused on a very specific product.

With my store, I have launched it like sari-sari store! In the Philippines, if your store is located in a corner area, you’ve got the market covered!

But online, I was competing with Walmart, Amazon, Sears, Target, and all the big stores. They too are general merchandise store, and they have anything and everything too! Since they are well-known, people buy from them.

Now, will people they buy from my sari-sari store online? Or do I really have to find that one specific item I want to sell, and sell lots of them?


The great thing about Shopify is that you can connect to different apps to make your store feel professional. The free shipping bar at the top, that’s an app. The get discount button, that’s an app too!

The supplier is the major thing. Yes, it’s an app too! With Shopify, I get to connect with Oberlo, a drop shipping supplier online for free!

For the meantime, all my products are coming mostly from China. It takes about two-four weeks to ship the product. But, it will come. 

The items my customers bought were delivered, and from the ones who got back to me, they seem liked what they bought. Because remember I only have photos, I am selling items I have not even seen too. 

It feels good to know they were happy with what they bought! Thank God!


The good news with these e-commerce websites is that no one has to be in the US or Canada to sell online! Even if you are in the Philippines, you can sell whatever online! Isn’t that neat?

Sure, you will need to have a dollar account (yes, they accept Paypal accounts) to process your orders… the process is when a customer buys the product, you will receive the order from your site.

To fulfill an order, all I need to do is to place an order to my supplier, and I just need to click Order. 

I will have to pay them first, including the shipping costs, and then they will do the magic – they will deliver and fulfill it automatically in the system - as soon as they have shipped the items. 

There is also a tracking number so I can monitor which items haven’t been fulfilled yet and so forth.


My domain name is http://gemsdailystore.com but it was originally http://gems-daily-store.myshopify.com

I felt it was too long and feels like I am not serious about my business so I bought my domain name for $14.00 and it is renewable yearly. You can purchase your domain on your Shopify account too.

That was a mistake on my part because I could have just bought my domain way cheaper at Hostgator! They offer up to 60% OFF and only 4.99 for domains!

Up to 60% OFF + $4.99 Domains


My online business is legal. All items are taxed and I had to give to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar. So, I went online and applied for tax certificate – sole proprietor business tax certificate under Gem’s Daily Treasures.

This isn’t hard to do. I will just have to make sure I am accounting all my reports correctly, which is also done in the reporting system at Shopify! What a relief!


I have a store. I need people to come to my store. Now, while walking the streets of Old Santa Fe Trail, I often wonder if tourists ever buy from some stores. Sometimes, I see art or jewelry stores with no visitors. I wonder how they survive, what keeps them afloat.

Unlike sari-sari stores in the Philippines, people buy and these small stores earn profits at the end of the day, no matter how big or small, they earn some.

Then, I had my own and realized I have to make sure people are visiting my store, and hope, hope that they will buy something, even the littlest thing.

That is the challenge, my friends. How will you make people buy from your store? With billions of people on the internet nowadays, how will you entice people to come in, check it out, visit me! Visit my store!

Oops, it doesn’t stop there, because of course, I want them to be adding to cart, checking out items, and making me a sale. Even if I only earn 50 cents per item, it is still a profit and that’s what all business people want, right?

But, life wouldn’t be the same without all the challenge! 

Friends, if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

No, this is never get-rich-quick ever! Unless I win the lottery, then I’ll be sharing another story with you... Mmmm that will be an interesting story.

For those who have decided to have their own online store too, because they want to take on the challenge, here is the link to Shopify and enjoy your 14-day FREE trial.

To help you decide if an online store is something that will change your life forever, here a checklist in opening an online store free to download anytime!

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Happy Selling! 

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