Weeding Out Negativities

Not for any shallow or deep.

A turning point to finally open my eyes and see who matters, what matters and not. Time to pull out weeds and prune. Delayed Reaction. 

Sad to know how people, regardless if you are friends or not, changes, because of potential Simoleons and Benjamins. Lol! I say, bathe in it, savor its preciousness, embrace its power. Hands up. All yours. All yours. 

18 out of 19 people were for me. But that 1 out of 19 who was against me, who would question everything and would do everything just to prove her point, insist she is right and fight for it -- behind my back --- would just bring out the best in me! It was fun to see her reaction, not knowing I knew everything that she did. Looked at her in the eyes, into her soul and acted clueless. Precious. Thank God for good souls.

I was ready to give up, I was rushing towards resentment, resistance and revenge. I wrote to prove my point. I asked him for a review. Confirmed my demand and yet in a second, agreed to his argument. Abode. I fought back the tears but can't. Useless. I lost, I know, but won in the end. There is power in 180 degree turn... and loved his smile. 

I'm trapped on my own web. Can't see a way out now, just going through the flow... my heart beats to flee and embrace my hearts desire but can't. IDK anymore, questioning what's left. Trapped in the U box of squares. Feeling victim but not. Choice.

Too long a time. Too long a time.... not my blueprint, not my plan, not my time frame. I'm ready to jump but can't. My life isn't my own anymore.

He was under my circle before, now he leads the circle... a rocky start but ended great. It feels good to be part of it all. Circle of Life.

There is a God. Delved for message and found Ephesians 4:2-3 

    "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 
    Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."

    Puzzles fit.

Let it be. Let it go. 

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