One of Life's Surprises!

I applied to rent an apartment, I was hopeful I'd get the place since the one-in-charge, promised it to me, "Yes, I have reserved the apartment for you. Call me again next week, or I'll give you a call."

So I gave her a call a week after. She was suddenly hesitant when I told her the recent occupant will move out, I insisted to go to her office to give the deposit. 

Guess what she told me next? "I'm really sorry, but somebody else reserved the apartment; she already spoke with the manager!"

Furious was I! I told her, "You did say, it is first come, first served, right? and you told me it has been reserved for me? Had I known I still needed to talk to your manager, I could have done that too, a month ago!"

She was sorry and really felt bad because of it. 

I heard from another employee that it was reserved by another employee and their manager agreed to it.

I couldn't object anymore. 

I went to the apartment, the recent occupant was busy packing their belongings. I still couldn't accept the fact that we won't be moving in. I was telling my friends who knew what happened that they just have to wait and see, the "employee" won't rent that apartment, and instead, it will be mine!

The next day, we were in the apartment again, I told the same thing, we will move in.. not them!

A week after the supposedly date of moving in of the "employee"; I received a call. Guess who? the one in-charge, telling me that the apartment is ready for rent, if we still want it!

It was like a miracle!!!

We're moving in!!!


So, what happened there??! 

Oh, we could have tons of answers! Lol!

One thing was true for sure: Life, and it's wonders, happened! :)

Thank God for nice surprises! :)

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