Redirecting Thoughts!

Sometimes, we forget to take control of our minds. There are times that we just do a lot of things out of habit. We do a lot of things unconsciously.

These days, whenever I find myself “thinking”, I am making sure I am thinking productive things. What will I do next?; What are my plans today?;How will I go about today’s activities?

If alone in the car, driving, I’d deliberately turn on the positive, encouraging radio station, since their kind of music is good for the soul. I could listen and know that it is all good.

As much as possible, I try not to think of negative or bad things. Why? Because I’ve proven that whenever I do that, it boomerangs on me! 

There was this one time when I felt so pissed off with my husband that my mind was just creating all these negative vibes! Asked what happened next? The more my husband got pissed off. I wasn’t even saying anything, it was all mind power, and it hasn’t done any good!

So I experimented the next time it happened, instead of getting pissed off, I tried to manipulate my mind into thinking of love, compassion and patience. In my mind, I just blessed him for the goodness of God is with him and I am grateful he’s with us. Guess what happened? Instant change! As if the angels took control of the situation.

I am sure, I was the one who changed and maybe, he was just attracted to my changing and that made him change too, in a way.

I know no one can change anyone! We can only change ourselves, and it worked!

Whenever I find myself “not thinking” I just automatically find myself singing, or praising God for His goodness.  As I operate my mind in gratefulness mode, beautiful things just seem to miraculously appear!

Maybe it’s just me and my thinking, but, I believe we do have the power to make things work for us – if we control our minds first.


-day 248


  1. I should do this as well, as I get easily distracted when I'm pissed off. I'm sure it will do wonders for my relationship with other people. I'll have less wrinkles, too! :))

    1. True! Expensive pa man din mga wrinkle remover! lol!

  2. Hi! Gem, actually I'm smiling while reading your article. I don't know why. Is it because you're happy while writing this? =)
    I would like to add to your experience, I think it's better to watch fun films or listen to upbeat music, it's a great way to redirecting thoughts.

  3. I watch tv series whenever negative thoughts comes in my mind

  4. I agree! Its all in the mind. Mind has a great power and it can actually control us over everything else. Its just mind over matter. I've been practicing this also eversince. Haha!

  5. I like your mindset :) I've also become very positive and I truly believe in the mantra of "happiness is a personal choice".

  6. Setting up a good mindset is really powerful and sometimes, being a soliloquy can help you control yourself; very inspiring post! God bless.

  7. True. If you want to finish up something, you really do need to think straight and more importantly, Focus.

  8. I've tried this as well and just like you said, it actually worked. Positive feelings do invite positive reactions.

  9. What the mind thinks, the body follows. I think, if we think positive things,positive things and stuffs will come to us.

  10. Aligning our thoughts to be at its right track is good at all times, but sometimes we have no control to whats happening. This post deserves a round of applause for giving insights to how should mind works.

  11. Negative thoughts makes our life miserable. I used to think positive than negative. But I would agree, it's hard sometimes..:-)

  12. I similarly do my best to ward off negative thoughts because they can be too consuming. Still, it's difficult not to worry. It really takes practice I guess. =)

  13. You're correct and right in putting thoughts into a positive outlook. Positive thinking, I know, works wonder. It perks up one's spirit of enthusiasm, spirit of getting done right and making one's life worth living, rather than to be indulge in the quagmire of disbelief and negativism.

  14. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo! We must learn how to quiet the chatter inside your mind, and live with a sense of inner peace


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