Funny memories just flooded my mind today.

I guess, I still can't seem to accept that my younger years had passed me by. I'm no longer a high school student!!! Time flies!!!! Lol!

Speaking of high school,I remember my friend Sarah, singing the following song, all our high school days! Lol!


Biglang nagalit ang aking ina
At ako'y minura
Ng malaman nya na tayo ay magnobyo na
Maraming suntok, sampal, sipa
Di ko ininda
Pagkat dahil sa mahal kita di ko babawiin

Bawiin bawiin bawiin mo ang singsing
Di ko gusto ang lalaki na bigyang pansin
Bawiin bawiin bawiin mo ang singsing
Pero dahil sa mahal kita di ko babawiin 

Hahaha, OMG! I think that was the lyrics of the song! If I remember right, she said, his father taught her the song! Lol!

Classmates would just rant "Sarah", "Sarah", "singsing", "singsing" and she will sing the song! It was the "motivation", "setting of interest", "anticipatory set" before the proper lesson!

 .. and everytime, she had not failed to wake us up! Lol!

I miss my old friends.

We were just innocent, young, and full of dreams. I guess, we still are, right? Lol!

Wherever we all are, I pray God will continuously bless us with His love and great blessings. I thank God that once in our lifetime, our paths have crossed, and we remain friends.


-day 239

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