Jack of all Trades!

My parents gave me all the opportunities to try and do different activities while growing up.

I did ballet. I had swimming lessons; I joined theatre arts; I had piano recitals; I learned bicycling; I studied typing and computers; I played volleyball; I was one of the editors in our school paper. I was even a member of University Quiz Bee contest called "Pautakan", representing our college for 3 years!

In high school, I admired students who could do Impromptu Speeches. You see, I could memorize long scripts, I could compose essays, but to speak my mind in a contest? Whoa!

I guess, I carried that thought - wishful thinking with me, even after college, that it led me to become a member of Toastmaster's International in Makati, Philippines and then here in Gallup, NM, USA!

Do I still know how to ballet dance? Mmmm... Lol!
Swim? Mmmm... not where I can't touch the floor or sand, OK?  hehe
Play piano? Mmmm... I can do two piano pieces? Will that count? hahaha
Act? Oh yes! Can I count acting sick, so my husband will do all the housework? ROTFL!

I thank my parents for the opportunities they had given me. All those activities helped me to know myself more. It has molded me to become the person I am today. 

Exposure to so many activities made me realize my core gifts too.

Today, I continue to write, speak and share my thoughts because those are my core gifts. Gifts that I can share with the world. By doing this, I feel alive, happy, fulfilled, passionate and grateful.

I guess becoming a jack of all trades isn't bad after all. Because, one day soon, you'll just know your passion. One day, soon, you'll just know your calling. One day, soon, you'll just know, you found yourself.

What about you? Have you discovered your core gifts?


-day 243

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