Minding our minds!

 "The only way that I will ever be great to myself is not what I do to my body but what I do to my mind." - Ramtha from the documentary "What the bleep do we know".

Hey, it's all about infinite possibilities, how powerful our mind is and how our thoughts can become our reality.

I remember being scared of just the thought of "infinite possibilities" - since it also equates to anything can happen...AS IN, anything! Just like an ocean full of possibilities, vast, large, powerful.. scary!

I know I can just focus on the positive extremes, but knowing there is the negative extreme too can be "goosebumps-maker" indeed!

Nonetheless, I think cleansing our thoughts of negativity and addiction matter a lot too!

Our bodies are basically the manifestation of our very own thoughts.

Our bodies may already be telling us something, and we are still not aware of it, until the last-minute... We may already be feeling its effects, but have forgotten about the cause.

Sometimes, until we do something with our minds, how we think, what we think about, how we react, how we let things go, how we work with our ego and pride.. until we do some soul-searching and reflection.. our bodies won't heal.

If we don't like what's happening to our bodies, then we need to take responsibility and address its cause - which is all in the mind.

It can really get complicated this "body-mind connection", so maybe up to the level where we can still choose, let's think wisely.

Time is short to hold grudges, so let's not; amongst others.


-day 227

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