The Other Side

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What if I took a different path? What if I changed my decisions? What if I didn't choose? What would my life be?

1.  What if my parents didn’t agree on me attending college outside of our home town? What course could have I taken? Would I have been successful?

2.  What if I didn’t focus on my studies and did poorly on it? Where would I be now?

3.  What if I didn’t leave my first job after college? Would I have gotten married? or remained single?

4.  What if I bravely asked a friend to marry me, Lol!? Would it make a difference?

5.  If I had gotten that job at a systems company in Makati and trained in Netherlands, where would I be now?

6.  What if I didn’t apply to work here in the US? What changes could have taken place?

7.  What if I didn't marry my husband, will I still have children?

I guess I will never know, huh?

It was just like being in a maze, with God’s guidance I took every twist and turns. 

Every path was an opportunity to a better life, to change, to start anew. Every road a life’s beginnings and endings.

What would my life be? I guess, unknown it will remain.

For reasons and purposes God only knows.

Anyway, I was just asking, Lol!

I thank God for life's mysteries, miracles and movements. Life's been good and I am deeply and forever grateful.

I hope you are too.


-day 211/212


  1. We will probably be asking many what-ifs in our lives as we go on. Sometimes it is interesting to consider the possible answers.

  2. Life is all about risks, isn't it? We'll never really know where our decisions will take us.

  3. I dare not dwell in what ifs. Good or bad, each steps or missteps lead you to where you should be.

  4. God never fails to guide us in everything that we do :D

  5. your post is so timely.. I'm presently under some emotional attacks which until now is depressing me. I am also asking myself what's the reason behind it and why I am experiencing it, in time I will know.Hopefully it will pass soon.

    1. it will.. hope you'd look for the lesson, the hidden message why it happened. God bless!

  6. Life wouldnt be that amazing if we arre afraid of TRYING. All great man in the history made a beautiful history because of trying. :)

  7. we can't do or have everything in life... just cherish and learn with what comes our way... Yahweh bless.

  8. there will always "ifs" in life ... what matter most is you made a decision and never had a regret on it ...


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