The Other Side

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What if I took a different path? What if I changed my decisions? What if I didn't choose? What would my life be?

1.  What if my parents didn’t agree on me attending college outside of our home town? What course could have I taken? Would I have been successful?

2.  What if I didn’t focus on my studies and did poorly on it? Where would I be now?

3.  What if I didn’t leave my first job after college? Would I have gotten married? or remained single?

4.  What if I bravely asked a friend to marry me, Lol!? Would it make a difference?

5.  If I had gotten that job at a systems company in Makati and trained in Netherlands, where would I be now?

6.  What if I didn’t apply to work here in the US? What changes could have taken place?

7.  What if I didn't marry my husband, will I still have children?

I guess I will never know, huh?

It was just like being in a maze, with God’s guidance I took every twist and turns. 

Every path was an opportunity to a better life, to change, to start anew. Every road a life’s beginnings and endings.

What would my life be? I guess, unknown it will remain.

For reasons and purposes God only knows.

Anyway, I was just asking, Lol!

I thank God for life's mysteries, miracles and movements. Life's been good and I am deeply and forever grateful.

I hope you are too.


-day 211/212

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