Pretending Works

... so we have a lot of anxieties, fears, concerns, doubts, and worries.... like we seem to always have something to complain about.. or be scared of.

... and though we'd always have a lot of reasons to believe it is worth our time and that we have every right to be one...

still the fact remains that it is a burden, a trap and it will lead us nowhere.

What I learned that works, though, is the power of pretension.

Pretending to be happy even if deep inside you are bleeding,
Pretending to be confident even if it's hard!,
Pretending to have all that you want to have even if it feels otherwise!

Because if we do that, if we pretend, we are summoning our thoughts to think differently.

It empowers our mind to see outside of the box.
It frees our energy off failures, faults, resentments and negatives.
It enlivens our spirit, and opens up a whole new world for us.

It is really powerful and it works!

Try it!

-day 210

P.S. I just did! thus, this post! grrrr 25 backlogs! Lol!

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