All in my mind!

I've read that whatever you focus your mind into, it will happen. Whatever it is! 

So, say you woke up late and domino effect, your mood, your actions got to be affected too! 

The more you focus on your fear of being late, more you attract all the mishaps.. phones would ring, your kids would bother you, you would forget your bag or lunch pack, you get stuck in a traffic jam.. as if the universe conspires to make you feel the pain!

... All because of your fear of becoming late. The more you think of it, the more it happens.

What about money? The reality is we have bills to pay - gas, electric, water, car gas, insurance, house rent, phone, internet... and so on and so forth. 

The more we focus on our bills, the more it will come, unfortunately.

Ok.. so we change our thoughts..

We own our time. We make friends with it. We psyched our feelings that no matter what, even if we wake up late - we will remain calm, we will forgive ourselves and we'll be accepting of the consequence.

We go about our daily task and get to our workplace smiling. No excuses. We become accountable and responsible for our actions. Pretty nice, huh?

Money. Oh, my favorite topic. So I make friends with money. Bills are coming, but they don't look as bills or debts anymore. 

The more bills I get, I could consider them as more money coming in to my life. I can add some more zeros at the end and thank God for the blessings of abundance.

Checks and more checks are coming into my life in unexpected ways and means! - and as I change my negative thoughts on bills, debts and credits, the more I will attract prosperity! Awesome! :))

A matter of changing one's thoughts. A matter of changing lives.

Guess, it's all in the mind after all.

Shall we make this our mantra?


-day 213

Ideas from the book- THE SECRET.

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