365 Project: HALFWAY done!

I started this 365 days project of writing last December 12, 2011. Who would have guessed I am halfway done? This is my 182nd day already!!!
Here's an excerpt from my 365 days project post.
I've always wanted to write everyday...
One day at a time... one story at a time.. for 365 days.
I hope that you'd join me as I write my her heart out...
Stories of my life. Stories to share. Stories to learn about. stories to read.
Positive that as I uncover mysteries of life in its simplicity and beauty, YOU will also be able to relate, find common things, learn, unlearn, undo, redo, own, justify, correct, metamorphose, change… life as it is.

Did I religiously write everyday? No, it is hard! Sometimes, I just don't know what to write! But I try to compensate days I haven't written so I could catch up with the project. I just need to think outside of the box to it happen!

What have I learned so far? I've learned all the more, how powerful our minds could get. How powerful our thoughts are! Sometimes, I find myself declaring things and it would happen!!! 

One time, I told my husband, I'll get a fever (he's got one, I still feel well that time, and just blurted that out) - it happened! 

I just have to watch my thoughts and the words that are coming out my mouth - they are all very powerful and life changing! 

In the same passion, I am training my mind to say I am rich, I am financially independent, all my dreams are coming true, I am healthy and wise!

Then he touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith will it be done to you" - Matthew 9:29

.. and so it is. The journey continues...


-day 182


  1. Congrats, you're halfway done! I knew it won't be easy...because there'll be "not so good" days but yes, just write your heart out - one at a time! Enjoy the journey!!!

  2. Congrats on 182nd day of writing. I also want to do a similar project but 365 days of photos wherein a photo would be how I would describe the day. Oh well, I might do it by reactivating my tumblr account but let's see if I can start 1/1/13.

  3. I really enjoy reading inspirational posts. Just keep your chin up and live life the way you should- the way you want to. Looking forward to your future posts on this project. :)

  4. Good luck to your project. Think positive and stay focus on your goals :)

  5. Writer's block happens all the time, but it's fulfilling to reach a writing goal.

  6. I actually believe in what you've given emphasis to -- as the universe truly conspires in giving you your requests. I, actually try to keep myself in this kind of light, to be more positive at all times so that I may be able to attract the best things in life. :)

  7. I've been told to say my wishes out loud and to claim them. I'm not so good at this yet but I'm practicing. I must think and say positive things.

    But what if my ultimate dream is to be a popular writer of sarcastic humor? Doesn't my chosen field require me to think negatively? :D

  8. I do have a writing project also, but sometimes I forgot to write because I don't have inspiration more on "konsimisyon"...tsk..tsk.. I don't know when I will finish this story...tsk..tsk..

  9. Half-way more to go. Have faith and your own 365 will be done in no time.

    I just finished my project 365 and still thinking if I should post it or not.

  10. Wow, congratulations to you! Keep it up, you're almost there! :))

  11. congratulations dear!!! goodluck to you and god bless! your half way there!! xx

  12. true with watch the words that are coming out my mouth - they are all very powerful and life changing!will look forward to your next post for project 365 completion.

  13. Indeed our mind is so powerful. Things that crossed our mind could happen that's why we need to learn how to think positively and believe to reach our goals.

  14. OH MY !!! I can really relate! Though I missed a few days of my daily journal :(
    congratulations on being able to keep up with your writings :)

  15. It's like mind over matter. Anything is possible when you put your mind and heart to it.


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