Lovingly Let Go

Amidst the ocean of souls.
I met you.

Found warmth in the cloak of your embrace.
Solace in your presence.

You made me free.
To be my truest.

You made me believe.
I found my twin.

My long-lost one.
Innocent, clueless, fragile and wanting. I have fallen.

Danced with joy and gladness as I woke up in your arms.
As butterfly kisses caressed my being. 

As you allowed me to be me.
I love you.

With all my soul...

Let it be forever.. I pray... 
But you seem to flutter your wings to freedom once more.  
As you leave me thirsting for more.

Enough! Time says stop.
But my mind refuses to adhere. 

My heart longs for you, yearns for you, cries out for you.
I see you see me hurting. But knowingly gives in to time..

In your piece you are clear. I understand.

As it is for the best.
I face my reality.

Knowing in my heart and soul, you are there, found and would stay forever…
As time be our guide.  
To eternity…

-day 117
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