Home is where the heart is…
As we search for happiness.. we ran to all sides of the world.. in our hearts there will always be a place we call home..
Place where we can be freely – ourselves
Place where what matters most is peace and love..
Place where we can rest our wings.. our souls..


Been flying the high
and lows
As all seasons just
come and go
Where mortals may
fear to tread
Aisles to hell which
every man dread
Flying closer towards
the light of ‘morrow.

Wings spread as if in
solemn meditation
Upon the earth below
and wild vegetation
Soaring to heavens
where souls will climb one day
Or descend to hell
below of lesser god’s home maybe
But still these wings
casting shadows in mock condemnation.

In the seemingly
endless flights to emptiness
Wings drooped eyes
closed in harried weariness
Yet soaring once more
to where angels live
And descend to hell
where fallen stars saved
In the final act of
prayer in the air there’s stillness.

One soul in its final
act of soaring
find the way to

Poem from a friend.. a father, a husband, a child of God…
A friend in search for love and peace.. A friend who has traveled the world but himself...
A friend I never really know in form, but in soul..
A friend on his way to where his heart belongs... love has never left you.

-day 111

Animas River
Farmington, New Mexico 

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