My Life In A Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, USA
I feel like I am currently in a "bridge". My life hangs at the moment. My life on hold.

I have a lot of things cooking up in my mind. But, due to what-have-you reasons, it all needs to wait.

God knows my plans and my dreams, and I am just holding on to HIM.

In the mean time, in my "bridge",
I love the opportunities that are coming my way.
I am loving my ambiance, the people I work with, friends I have online and offline;
Everything and everyone, I appreciate and love!
I just feel blessed - and I hope you feel as blessed too!

But, I am still here in my "bridge", and I wait.

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo, Japan

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle, UK

Millau Viaduct, Millau, France

China Bridge
St. John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon
Tower Bridge in London, England

We do find ourselves in our own "bridges" sometimes, but you see, 

for as long as we are open to graces
for as long as our heart's full of gratitude, hope and faith, 
and for as long as we are just happy to be where we are at the moment...

I think we will get "there" fast!:)


-day 98

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