Don't Miss It!
I love this excerpt from Leo Buscaglia’s Living, Loving and Learning

“…  the people we love aren’t going to be the same all the time and yet we don’t look at each other anymore! We’re so busy doing things that we don’t stop to look at each other.

The faces of the people you love are not going to be the same in the morning, and neither is yours! Don’t miss it!

Really, the saddest phrase to me is hearing someone say, “I only wish I had—“. Well, you know, you can!

Is he sitting next to you now? Look at him. Is she sitting next to you now? Look at her, touch her hand. It isn’t going to feel the same. What are you afraid of?”

Let’s not be too engrossed with our online friends' statuses, photos, latest “chikas” and whereabouts that we miss what is important.

Maybe, the people who are with us now are just waiting for us to look at them, to touch them and to make them feel that they are loved, and we’re still busy with our FACEBOOK.

The magic of love is around us, let it not pass us by...

“Love is life in all aspects, and if you miss love, you miss life. Please don't”  Leo Buscaglia

-day 15-

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